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Bush Ball Camps

2019 Novice Bushball Camp

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Due to Popular Demand 

We NOW have 2 Bushball Camps Available

First Paintball Camp Date: July 8th - 12th

Final Paintball Camp Date: August 19th - 23rd

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                                        2019 Info & Signup:

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Bush Ball Camp


This is a full week long camp designed for the new or novice paintball player wanting to upgrade and improve their skills and have a lot of fun.  The course will focus on the many aspects of competitive Bush Ball Playing. Intermediate & Advanced technics will be covered as well


1st Week Date:                 July 8th - 12th   2019                    Novice Camp

2nd Week Date:               August 19th - 23rd   2019              Novice Camp

Time:              10am – 4pm                            Arrive Early and Stay late if you like

Player Cap:    30 players Maximum      -     Final Paintball Camp of Summer


Camp Features


Basic Fitness

-                     Stretching to avoid injury

-                     Some Cardio for short sprinting

Classroom Instruction

-                     Basic Layout & Planning

-                     Event & Game Planning

-                     Know your own team

-                     Do’s & Don’ts

-                     Q & A

Safety Instruction

-                     Importance of Safety

-                     On Field & Off Field

-                     Safe Zones

-                     Marker & Personal Safety

Paintball Drills

-                     Paintless and Paint Drills

-                     Snap Shooting etc.

-                     Short Handed

-                     What works for you

Strategy Training

-                     Planning your attack

-                     Defending your turf

-                     Importance of Camouflage

-                     Stealth vs. Heat score

-                     Hunter vs. the Hunted

-                     Drawing out your opponent

-                     Grenades and other useful devices


-                     Honesty & Hits

-                     Your Team & Your Opponents

-                     Making New Friends

(Marker)Gun Repairs & Maintenance

-                     Basic gun repair & Maintenance

-                     The Importance of Hydro Testing your tanks

-                     Upgrading and Options

-                     Questions on your own Marker

Games, Games, and more Games

-                     Emphasis on Paintball Fun

-                     Live Action Drills

-                     Skirmishes

-                     Short Games

-                     Regulation Games

-                     Scenario Games


Services Available

-                     Change Rooms & Washrooms

-                     Lockers – Bring your own locks

-                     Electrical Outlets for chargers

-                     Phone

-                     Cash Back, Credit Cards, Gift Cards

-                     BBQ’s, Pavilion, Pop/Gatorade & water Machines

-                     Onsite Food Services & order out

-                     Pro Shop & Repair Facility

Bush Ball Camp Costs


Novice Bush Ball Camp

Novice Camp  - Non Members         $319/week      Lunch included

                        - Members                  $299/week      Lunch included

                  Register for Both Camps and Save $50

    ********All Camp Fees are Now Tax Deductable********

First Case is included

Camp Paint Cost Special                   $  100/case  or  $30 bag of 500

                                                            Estimated @ 2 cases needed for

                                                            the week




                            Sign Up NOW

2018 Bush Ball Camp was

Hailed as our BEST Camp yet

by parents and attendees


HUGE Thanks





for a Great 2018 Camp #1 & Camp #2


Now Registering for 2019 Camps

July 8th - 12th


August 19th -  23rd

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