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Frequently Asked Questions ??

For Bush Ball Participants

1. Can I Bring my own paint to play BushBall?   Answer # 1: - No.    Reason: Our Insurance will not allow off field paint due to unscrupulous players (Never happenned here) Freezing paintballs, the high number of players and the speed we play at.

Answer #2: Yes. Reason for Exception:  BYOP - Bring Your Own Paint Night - every Friday after 5pm May 1st - September 30th

2.  What is your Field Speed for Bush Ball?    Answer: - 300 fps (Feet per second) or 206 mph.

3. What happens if I bring and use my own paint in the bush anyway?   Answer: - When caught, your paint will be confiscated and not returned. If caught a 2nd time, you will be asked to leave the park. Reason: If you hurt someone with your off field paint it becomes an insurance issue, we will call police and you will be charged with assault or worse.

4.  How many paintballs will I need?   Answer: - Depends on 2 criteria 1. How trigger happy you are. & 2. How long you intend to play for. If you save your paintballs for the games and don't waste them in the shooting range or blow all the leaves off the trees, the average non trigger happy player will go through approximately 500pbs in 2-3 hours. You are always Best to Buy in Bulk Online to Save $$.

5.  Is paintball dangerous?   Answer: - No. When played correctly, safely and with proper supervision. Paintball is rated near the bottom of the injury scale with Yoga & pillates. Boxing, Basketball & Hockey are rated at or near the top as the most dangerous sports with the highest potential for injury.

6.  How is Barrie Paintballs Injury record?   Answer: We have been in business for 19+ years now and have never had an accident, injury or a fist fight. Not one hockey rink in Canada can say that. Reason: - We guard our safety record by taking as many safety precautions as possible eg. trained referees, safety netting, safety/field briefings & regular field maintenance.

7. What is the minimum age to play Paintball at Barrie PaintBall?   Answer: 10 years & older. Size is not the determining factor - maturity is. Reason: The child must be able to understand and obey safety rules for their own and other players/attendee's safety.

Minimum age for Laser Tag is Answer:   5 Years & Older.

Minimum age for Airsoft is Answer:      18 Years & Older.

8.  Will little Johnny or Susie be playing with the big adults?   Answer # 1:  No if it is a private game (min of 20 players for private game). Answer # 2: - But usually Yes. Reason: Usually little Johnny or Susie is in better shape than most adults, can run for faster and for longer periods of time. They are usually smaller and can hide behind smaller objects making them less of a target. As soon as little Johnny or Susie get the hang of aiming and shooting, it is quite often the adults that run from the kids.

9.   When is Barrie PaintBall Open?  Answer: We are Outdoors & Open ALL Year around 9am - 11pm by Reservation ONLY - Daily, Night & Seasonal Opening Minimums Apply. Yes even in the Winter. Yes Even at Night - We have 18,000 watts of Night Lighting on 3 of our prime Fields for those Cool Shadow Games.

10.  What are the Minimum Player Requirements for Facility Opening? Answer: Depends on the Time of Year & Day or Night. Saturday & Sunday usually has other groups you can join as a walkon. Call ahead for Walkon Start Times.

Facility Opening Minimums:

On Season Minimum Player Requirements - May 1st to September 30th. Answer: A Minimum of 6 Entry paying Players is Required. Reservations Always Required.

Off Season Minimum Player Requirements -  October 1st to September 30th. Answer: A Minimum of 10 Entry paying Players is Required. Reservations Always Required

Night Minimum Player Requirements - All Year Around. Answer: A Minimum of 10 Entry paying Players is Required. Reservations Always Required

11.  How many players does it take for a reservation?   Answer: On Season Minimum of 6 players required for a reservation if no one else is playing here. Off Season or thru the week Minimum of 10 players required for a reservation if no one else is playing here. Reason: Our Bush fields are quite large (some up to 20 acres). Any less than 6 and you would spend most of your time looking for your opponnents.

12. Can I have a reservation with less than 6 players?  Answer: Yes, You would be doing what is called a walkon. Call ahead for walkon availability and times. Weekends are Always Best for Walkons - When the kids are still in school. Reason: BushBall Paintball is definitely a game where the more people the more fun.

13.  Do I really need to call ahead for Walkons?  Answer: Yes you should call ahead first.  Reason: eg. There is no point showing up at 9am if the 1st walkon group is not starting until 11am. You would be waiting 2 hours for players to show up. We are also Equipment Limited - If you have your own equipment Entry & Rentals are Never a Problem. If you need equipment, you should always call ahead to reserve equipment in your name to avoid waiting for equipment or being dissappointed altogether.

14.  Why is the paint at some parks Cheaper than other parks? Answer:  Larger, High Quality Bush field parks have more staff, Higher Insurance, Taxes & Overhead. The amount of cost that goes into adding, upkeep, building and rebuilding the various props used for public enjoyment and safety adds up tremendously. In Simpler Terms: If you are looking for a cheap meal, don't care much about atomosphere or quality. McDonalds works fine. If you are looking for more choices and higher quality food with lots of ambiance. The Keg may be your choice. No Disrespect intended for either.

15. How do I choose the best Park for me or my group event?  Answer:  Tour the Paintball Parks on your list before you decide. Consider the Size, Variety and Number of playing fields? Consider the quality of the land, props & layout? Consider the creature comforts-Indoor bathrooms, safe zones, BBQ's, picnic areas, parking, onsite pro shop, shade from the sun and on site food available? Reason:  It's all about Action, Fun & Excitement. If the fields, Picnic areas etc. have a wait time or aren't available, there is no action. Without the action, quality props, wild terrain and roll playing Excitement with atomosphere, there is no Fun. Without the Fun there is no quality time or memories. Without the Quality time & memories, you may as well stay home and do nothing. It's all about the Action, Fun, Excitement and oh yes the memories. Tip: Tour the Park before you book!!!

OutDoor vs. Indoor

1. Is Barrie PaintBall Open in the Winter?   Answer:- Yes, we are open all year around. All 17 fields are available for anyone that doesn't mind the snow. Reason:- Our Equipment is High Quality and  works well in Winter. Winter or Off Season is from October 1st to April 30th. We are Open for Reservations Friday thru Monday Only. Call for Slots outside these days.

2. Does the paint Freeze or hurt more in Winter?   Answer:- No. We have a special paint we bring in for winter play. It will last up to 8 hours in sub zero temperatures without freezing. On the contrary paintballs hurt a lot less in winter due to the Extra amount and layering of clothing. You must dress for the outdoors and time of season. Many thin layers are better than 1 thick layer. This way if you are too hot or cold you can adjust the number of layers. If snow is on the ground - NO Shoes. Bring Boots and thin gloves. Hoodies are advised as well.

3. Why is Outdoor Paintball better?   Answer:- Variety, Size & No Waiting. Reason:- 1. Most Indoors are 1 small field. After you play the indoor field a couple of times, everyone learns where the best spots are and they run for the same spots everytime. The game is very quick, becomes repetetive & boring quickly. This is NEVER a problem at an outdoor field. 2. Because of the indoors limited size, most paintball shots are at close range. While rare, this can occasionally happen at an outdoor field as well. 3. Because of the limited number of indoor fields (Usually 1), you can wait a long time for your turn on the field. This is NEVER a problem at an outdoor field.

I Don't want to play in the cold, I definitely want to play Indoor

1. What should I look for in an Indoor Field?   Answer:- Size, Size & Size. The Bigger the Better. Reason:- 1. You have less chance of injury getting shot at close range. 2. Less chance of waiting for your turn on the field.

2. For my event, What is the Minimum Size of Indoor Field I should consider?   Answer:- Avoid indoor fields of less than 125' x 125' for safety reasons. Ask & verify the size (visually if possible) prior to your booking.




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